Kayla Jane – Edged to RUIN

Kayla Jane - Edged to RUIN

I may be your d******r’s best friend but you can’t stop your fantasizing about me, and you get all caught up watching me while i sneak through your bed side drawers! So caught up that when I turn our casual chatter into you outing your affection and lust for me, to me teasing you and instructing you to jerk off for me while I show off my hot body in my school uniform. I might be 18 but you know how off limits this is, and I am your d******r’s best friend, so there are a few times where I just want to stop … I mean we really shouldn’t be doing this. But what can I say, its so much fun teasing my friends ***, seeing what I do to you, how much power I have over you and how you will stop and go as I say! This is going to be an interesting ending !!!!

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