Kayla Jane – Smelly Sweaty Feet for You

Kayla Jane - Smelly Sweaty Feet for You

Guhhh, I forgot how hard packing and moving really is, and I am SOOOO done for the day. I just want to kick my feet up and take my shoes off to relax, but I know how nasty and smelly my feet must be! For some reason you seem really interested in me taking my shoes off, and even smelling my feet. So I let you, and the more I see you like it, the more I encourage you to sniff, kiss, lick and suck on my smelly sweaty feet! You are loving every minute of this and I can tell, I figure you are going to go jerk off when I’m in the shower later so …why not just jerk off now, the only thing is you have to keep worshiping my feet!

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