Kayla Kiss – Edging You Closer and Closer!

Kayla Kiss - Edging You Closer and Closer!

I don’t know what came over me! I had to leave the movie theater early. I was getting so horny, I was starting to squirm around in my seat! I came straight home so that I could rub my pussy with my toy and have an orgasm before my friend comes over to visit. Oh no! The doorbell! My friend must be here early! I scramble to hide my wet toy, straighten my panties, fix my hair, and answer the door. You notice that I am flushed and seem anxious. I try to focus on the relationship problems that you are having. You’re my best friend after all and I want to see you happy. You are so stressed and down and I tell you that you need to try something new…do something exciting! Doing new things will build your self-confidence and then you’ll have girls hanging all over you! Wait. I’ve got an idea. I think I’ve finally figured out just how to help you! I’m going to show you my body and I’m going to watch you get hard. You need to get over any kind of shyness you feel around me. I’m going to teach you just how to stroke your cock. I’ll show you that you know how to control your cock. You interrupted my orgasm earlier today so I am going to make you wait for an orgasm as well! I edge you, getting you closer and closer to cumming, only to stop, and start all over again. In the end though, the wait is so worth it because I show you just how hard you really can make yourself cum!

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