Kelle Martina – Brown Noser

Kelle Martina - Brown Noser

So, you wanted to talk about your raise? What do you think you have done to deserve one? There might be some place for advancement in my company, but you’ll have to kiss my ass for it. I don’t just mean getting my latte every morning and staying late. I mean literally dropping to your knees RIGHT now, and kissing my perfect butt. Pucker up, buttercup. Why don’t you show me how good you are with your mouth and tongue down there? Lick my divine asshole. Show me how much you want that raise. How low are you willing to go for me? You should be lucky to even have the job you’ve got! You are obviously not man enough to be in any kind of leadership role. You clearly need a guiding female to show you how to behave… See what happens when you ask your bitchy boss for a raise!

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