Kelle Martina – Panty Addict

Kelle Martina - Panty Addict

Hey dickwad, trying to catch a sneak peek up my skirt? You like satin panties, don’t you? You like to go through my dirty laundry hamper and shove my panties up to your nose and sniff them. Then you jerk off for the scent of my dirty panties. Come on, jerk for my panties right now. I like when you are looking up my skirt as I tease you with what you’ll never have– my pussy. Jerking off to the gooey residue in my panties is the closest you’ll ever get to any pussy ever. Its the closest you’ll get to fucking me is smelling my real panties, don’t you want to buy them? Why don’t I tell you what Ive been doing in my panties all day?

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