Kelle Martina – Renounce God

Kelle Martina - Renounce God

The second in a series of compounding, dark, unholy trinity of clips. Make sure to get Seed of Doubt and look forward to Blasphemer coming soon!So youre a good Christian man. Youve lived a good, mostly faithful life until now. Until you met me and all your sinful thoughts have begun to bubble over. Look right into my eyes. You know what Im going to ask of you. Its something youve been thinking about in the back of your head for years, but you have been so afraid to speak the words. I dont want you to worship anyone before me. I will be the only higher power in your life. Are you afraid? Are you getting thrills? Chills? Stroke as I tease you, and make you speak the unforgivable words.You will worship me and forsake Him.

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