Kelly Sunshine – Locked Up Orgasm

Kelly Sunshine - Locked Up Orgasm

Keeping you locked in chastity excites Me so much. I love the power of having total control over your pleasure and your orgasms. You’ve been locked up a few days now and are helpless for a release. I love teasing you. You want to cum so bad, you’re willing to do anything. Part of chastity training is to teach you, it is always about what I want, what turns Me on, MY fantasies. I have wanted for so long now to bend you over and fuck you with My big strap on. You always protested, saying you don’t like things up your ass. Well… Since I have your dick locked up, this is the only way I am going to allow you to cum from now on! You are truly too horny to resist. This is what learning to be a good boy is all about.

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