Kendall – Hot Pregnant JOI From Sister’s Friend

Kendall - Hot Pregnant JOI From Sister's Friend

Hey! What are you looking at? OMG did I just catch you watching PORN? Haha let me see! Aww come on, don’t be shy. Everyone watches porn. I bet its something good, judging by that huge boner you’re sporting. OH! Preggo chicks, really? That’s… interesting lol. Wouldn’t it be better to jack off to the real thing? Close that website. I have a prosthetic belly bump to make me look 9 months pregnant. I’m going to put it on, and guide you to orgasm. Its like one of those pregnant sluts jumped out of the computer and into your room! Here, I’ll even model a couple outfits for you. I’m bursting out of them with my giant stomach. See, now isn’t this better than jacking off to random strangers?

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