Lacy Luck – Milky Date Night

Lacy Luck - Milky Date Night

Its date night and I want to dress sexy in this low-cut little black dress. But my breasts are so huge and full of milk! I just know at this rate they will be engorged and leaking, and will end up ruining my night. Oh what’s a girl to do!

I will have to empty them!

First I pull out my trusty manual breast pump and give it a go. Mmmm… that helps. But its just not fast enough, at this rate I’m going to miss my dinner reservations. I don’t have time to pump each breast, drop by drop, one at a time. I need to get this milk out faster!

Maybe I can hand express and empty my milk that way. First one breast, then the other. Sweet, white milk runs through my fingers and drips down my chest. Soon I’ve got the milk flowing out of both breasts. Its dripping and spraying, mmmm now there is some relief! Mmmm ahhh yes. I’m moaning and sighing to finally have the milk out of me!

So much milk is pouring onto the ground, what a waste! Perhaps instead of wasting all this milk I should try it? I do wonder what its like…

I bring my nipple up and give it a lick. Mmmm, sweet. Now some little suckles… mmmhmmmm. Now slurp, slurp, mmmm hhmmm oh yes! Oh its so good!

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