Lacy Luck – Sucking My Secret Lactation

Lacy Luck - Sucking My Secret Lactation

I wanted to have the biggest tits in my sorority so I took an experimental drug that makes me produce milk. It worked, look at the size of these breasts! The catch is that my breasts produce so much milk that if I don’t periodically empty them they become swollen, engorged, and eventually squirt everywhere. How embarrasing!

If my boobs were to leak everyone would know my secret, so I am going to sneak to my dorm room and empty them, any means necessary. That means pumping, hand expressing and even self sucking. Anything to get a sweet release from the pressure building up in my chest.

Oooh, it feels so good to be milked and let it all out. I can’t help but moan as my milk starts to flow. As I pump I fantasize about forcing a nerd at class to suck me off. He’s always staring at my big tits and I bet I could make him do it for me. I pump and moan, fantasizing about being sucked.

This gets me so excited. My milk is spraying everywhere, squirting me on the chest and face. I start to suck myself off and the milk fills my mouth. Finally empty, I want nothing else but to rest and nap contentedly.

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