Lady Esme Faye – Forced Bi for Fucked Up Faggots

Lady Esme Faye - Forced Bi for Fucked Up Faggots

This was a custom clip. The name Ollie is used a few times.Hey faggot, are you ready to show me just how fucked up your little gay mind is? Ready to have your dignity destroyed and your balls aching? Mmmm, I bet you can’t wait can you, to be utterly obliterated by me.I know about you addiction to cock, and how much you love thinking about what these men would do to you. So I’m gonna run you through it, all the naughty, kinky and disgusting things that would happen to you. How they would make you their little bitch. You’re gonna need a dildo fag, are you ready to become a little faggot slut for me?Clip Includes:Female Domination, Humiliation, Goddess Worship, Gay, JOI, Brat Girls, Forced Bi, Femdom POV, Anal Masturbation, Cum Countdown, Masturbation Instructions, Orgasm Control, Anal Training, CEI, Dildo Training, Cum Eating Instruction, Mental Domination, Jerk Off Instruction, Big Black Cock, Slut Training, Masturbation Encouragement, Cock Tease, Verbal Humiliation, Racial Superiority, Slave Training, Mind Fuck, BBC, Gay TrainingClick here for more Forced Bi clipsClips you’ll also enjoy:Admit You’re A FaggotFinding Your Weak SpotDreaming Big

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