Lady Esme Faye – Rules For A Virgin Loser

Lady Esme Faye - Rules For A Virgin Loser

I know about your secrets, the pictures you keep on your computer. They are the only thing you allow yourself to jerk to. So I want you to do something for me, and you would do anything wouldn’t you loser? Anything that involves pleasing me. Delete them, delete every single picture that you jerk your virgin cock too. And from now on you’re only allowed to cum when I say, and to what I say.

Watch me tease you in this lingerie, showing you my perfect body while also humiliating you with my insults. You’re nothing, a piece of . And pieces of like you don’t get to cum for hot, scantily clad women like me. I’m going to get dressed, and tell you to finish up. But losers like you can jerk to nothing so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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