Lady Natt – Sissy’s School Reunion

Lady Natt - Sissy's School Reunion

So you’ve been pestering me to go to your school reunion as your date for weeks. You want all those girls who treated you like a total fucking loser to see you with a total hottie like me don’t you? You want all the alpha guys who picked on you and made you feel like a beta-male wimp to see you with me and feel SO fucking jealous huh? Well of course I’ll go with you! I’m going to make sure all those hot, snobby mean girls and all those nasty tough-guys see a whole new you! I think I’m going to have a lot of fun taking you to this reunion! I know how much of a crush you have on me loser so I know you’ll do whatever I want you to. I’m going to take you to that reunion all dressed up like a girlie sissy school girl! Haha! Oh yes sissy, I’m going to dress you up in white knee-sox and mary-jane shoes, a short pleated school skirt and a tight blouse. I’ll pad out your pretty bra and put your hair in cute Britney pigtails! You’re going to look like such a SISSY haha! I’ll drag you into that reunion and laugh so hard as I parade you around in front of all those girls and boys who used to bully you all those years ago. Everyone is going to be pointing and laughing at you. Can you imagine sissy? Imagine if I took you into the locker room so the guys can really take their time humiliating you. Can you imagine what they’d do to a sissy schoolgirl like you – all helpless in the locker room? I can sissy – I know EXACTLY what they’d do to you. Trust me you’d be more popular as a sissy school girl than you’d ever be as you hahaha!


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