Lady Nina Leigh – BORN TO BE DRAINED

Lady Nina Leigh - BORN TO BE DRAINED

You were born to serve. your whole purpose in life is to serve…not just anyone either, you were born to serve me. the best. the most spoilt glamorous diva. you dont have a princess in your life, and you never will youll never get women at my level, so this is your only substitute, i have hundreds of subs like you serving me daily, im rich im gorgeous and glamourous, and once you start buying my clips, your HOOKED just like a little fish on a rod…and i reel u in…and drain the life out of you! every inch of me is beautiful and you cannot simply resist falling in love and serving me, spending every hour thinking about me, showering me with tributes and gifts ruining your savings and bettering mine! i dont care how you get your money! dig in to your wifes savings, your mum and dads, your own…. get a loan, spend that inheritance money …i dont care!!! just spend it on me and feed my greedy arse!!!

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