Larkin Love – Diaper Punishment For My Sissy Baby

Larkin Love - Diaper Punishment For My Sissy Baby

What’s this I hear about you refusing your man-milk bottles? One of my nannies told me you slapped it out of her hand this after noon. No, no no, this simply will not do.

I brought you to my nursery to make you a real full time sissy baby. No “lifestyle” games here. You can’t escape your fate. After the modifications I’ve made to your body and mind, you can’t survive outside of my care. There is no point in fighting your fate. You must embrace it.

It’s so ungrateful to refuse your bottles! Do you know how many men it takes to fill them? It’s a lot of work collecting the cum for you to drink. Well, if you won’t drink your bottle, then I won’t change your diaper. How about that? And by my calculations, that powerful laxative I slipped into your food should be kicking in any moment now. You won’t be able to hold back your boom boom, will you, girl? How long can you hold out while sitting in your own filth? You know that eventually you’ll have to submit to your fate and embrace your new life as my passive, adorable, helpless sissy baby.

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