Lauren Phillips – I am my stepsister’s panty sniffer

Lauren Phillips - I am my stepsister's panty sniffer

Can you guess what Lauren just found in your gym bag? She found a pair of her crusty, old panties. Why are you stealing her underwear, you pervert? What do you do with them? Do you wear them? Do you jerk off with them? You are a panty sniffer, aren’t you? That is a little freaky, don’t you think? You are her stepbrother and you are sniffing her used panties. Gross. Since you seem to love her nasty panties so much, why don’t you just show her what you actually do with them? You owe her at least that much. If you don’t do it, she’ll tell everyone that you are a stepsister panty sniffer. You are trapped and you do as she commands. You sniff those panties and that makes your dick grow hard. You feel it growing in your hand. Lauren decides to tease you and she rubs her panties against her pussy to give you a fresh pair to smell. She removes them to expose her bush and then she hands them to you for some fresh inspiration. With her fat tits exposed, she informs you that she wants you to cum for your “sissy”. Cum on her panties like the nasty boy you are! The next time you want a pair of her used panties, just ask!

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