Lauren Phillips – Rubbing one out with my sister-in-law

Lauren Phillips - Rubbing one out with my sister-in-law

Your sister-in-law is thinking about changing jobs. Being a dental hygienist does not seem to be paying the bills, so she wondered if she could try stripping instead. What do you think about it? The strip club is having an open audition and she wants to go. She has on an outfit for the occasion and she gives you a preview. As she gyrates and jiggles, you realize that she might have a hidden talent. In fact, she notices that you have gotten hard and she is definitely happy about that. Maybe she can help you get rid of that hard-on today. It can be your secret. You take your dick out and Lauren is excited to see your cock and she asks you to stroke it. In fact, she takes out her big tits as additional inspiration. When she sees your reaction, she decides to show off her red bush as you continue to stroke off to your sister-in-law. It does not take you much longer to cum all over her bubble butt, which has been thoughtfully presented to you.


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