Lindsey Leigh – Gay For Your Nurse

Lindsey Leigh - Gay For Your Nurse

Thanks for coming back in today. I have looked over your charts and see that you are gay. Have you been doing any of your exercises? Having sex with women, looking at porn, etc? Nothing seems to work does it? There are somethings we can do for you, but not much. We can get you a shot that makes you straight, but I don’t believe you want that. I believe that you enjoy being gay. I truly in my medical and honest opinion believe that you are as gay as they come. Before the doctor comes to look you over I am going to do my own personal “Gay Test” Get into the stirrups and spread your cheeks for me I am going to prep you for gaping. We are going to begin with one finger, then two, then move up to a dildo. While I am fucking you with this dildo I want you to jerk yourself off until you cum onto the tissue. Then I am going to remove you from the stirrups and you will get on your knees and lick up all the cum before the doctor comes in. After this consultation you will better know your status, do you want to be gay or straight? GAY.

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