Lindsey Leigh – Leg Warmer Worship & Strip Tease

Lindsey Leigh - Leg Warmer Worship & Strip Tease

It is getting so cold outside! As a girl who does not like to wear pants, leg warmers and long sleeves are my friend during the winter. Not only do leg warmers look fabulous with thongs or booty shorts, they look great with heels too! Especially my Louboutin heels.. Like the black & red? How could you resist these two sensual colors on your gorgeous goddess? You can’t. I am going to take over your mind. I kick my heels off exposing my perfect white soles. I allow you to lick just once between my toes (such a tease **) I then start shaking my ass making its so hard to hold you cum in.. and I haven’t even taken off my leg warmers yet! I begin to remove my leg warmers.. slowly because I know your dripping and losing control. After they are removed I throw them onto your lap to let you sniff them. I have one more surprise for you.. I know just how to make you cum and take control. I remove my long sleeve and begin to tease slowly. I caress myself, play with my panties and of course taunt you.

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