Lindsey Leigh – You Cant Resist Your Pay Piggy Urges

Lindsey Leigh - You Cant Resist Your Pay Piggy Urges

You stupid little pay pig. You’re panting and stroking already. I can feel your desperation. You’re jerking with a fat wad of cash in your hands and you just can’t wait to give it to me. You need to, it’s an undeniable urge that you simply cannot resist. And as you look at me and stroke, you’re getting weaker and weaker. And I know how much you love handing me your money and watching as I take it directly from your hands. And you offer it up so easily. You stroke faster as you see me take it realize that it’s gone, forever. Money you worked so hard for is now in my hands, and I didn’t have to do a thing for it. You just offer it up, hundred after hundred like some stupid little pay pig.

You love to watch my Princess hands with my perfect manicure, reach out and pluck each hundred from your unworthy hands. You love it. And you love when I wave your money in front of your face and taunt you with it. I just love that you’re my little financial pay pig. You know that when you get your paycheck each week you think about the fact that now you have more money to pay me. It turns you on So much. There’s nothing that makes your cock twitch more than giving me your hard earned money.

Hand me more loser. Look at how stupid and weak you are for me. I don’t even have to do anything. You’re such a weak, stupid, loser for me all the time. You can’t help yourself. Don’t stop now, keep handing me hundreds. You get so horny each time I take more. Don’t you just love how greedy I am? You’re completely mesmerized by my beauty and my words that mindfuck you deep into submission. Your life revolves around taking care of your Princess and you LOVE it.

You’re so weak for me. Keep draining your cash into my hands. Don’t stop. The more you pay the better it feels. You know that the bigger the financial drain, the bigger the orgasm. And you just want to cum harder and harder. Your dick is twitching, your pay piggy cock is getting hornier and hornier as I fuck you over. More, give me more. You want to financially ruin yourself for me. You’re nothing but a financial slave to me.

Watch as I count your money in front of your eyes. Know that it’s gone. Hundreds, thousands. I won’t stop taking it and you can’t stop giving it to me, LOL! I’m going to ruin you, loser. Stupid pay pig.

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