Lucy Marie – Trance Big Expanding Bimbo Breasts

Lucy Marie - Trance Big Expanding Bimbo Breasts

This is a power trance session that will enable you to feel objectified like a beautiful women, feel the sensation of ever growing expanding breasts and ultimately orgasm like a women. I take you on a journey deep into trance and there I will fulfil all your hidden secret desires. You will spend a day in the life of a beautiful slutty women… awake to discover and explore your new body. You will dress just the way you have always wanted to. Understand the sensation of being objectified and stared at… see the physical reaction you cause men to have. I enable you to feel and play with your own breasts… they will expand and grow. You will need to buy new bras as they burst through and bulge out giving you incredible cleavage. You will oil them up and caress them… play with your nipples and make your new pussy so wet. I describe to you a typical slutty bimbo fantasy… just how you secretly wish to be used. I know how you secretly want to suck cock and have your tits sucked and slapped… to be used like an object. Before you know it you will be fingering your tight shaved wet pussy hard… and cumming just like a girl. Clip contains: Gender transformation, breast expansion, sissy slut, trance, induction, hands free orgasm, feminization

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