Lucy Mariexxxx – Anal JO – Show me your devotion

Lucy Mariexxxx - Anal JO - Show me your devotion

For this session you will need lubricant, a 6 inch dildo and a 10 inch dildo. Ok boys you say you want to submit to me… well its not all on your terms is it… you send me tributes and emails of worship. However its not all about that… its also about purely perform tasks just for my pleasure. I know you consider yourself to be straight don’t you?… you jerk off over me very day… your obsessed. I know how hard you are right now… just the sight of my beauty.. my perfect tits in this blue bra. How do you jerk off over me? have you ever fingered your ass? have you ever stimulated your G spot, do you think someone straight like you would not do that? We both know you will do anything I say. I really love to watch a man fuck his arse with his fingers.. I am going to make you feel so good. Now I want you to imagine your tied up on this bed… t ightly bound and I’m teasing you… Your cock is hard and throbbing. I edge nearer and nerer to you with my soft warm lips…I look you in the eye…you are aching to be touched. I slowly stroke my fingertips up and down your hard cock… teasing you…making you ache with desire. Now get that lube and rub it all over your cock and balls, focus on my eyes…relax. I also want you to rub it all over your asshole. hmmmm that’s good now stroke for me gently with one hand and with the other I just want you to gently ease a finger in…..

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