Lucy Zara – BBC Addiction

Lucy Zara - BBC Addiction

Start jerking that cock for me loser, I want you nice and excited for me.
ood mmm that’s right, jerk it for these big juicy tits! I have a little surprise for you, look!
That’s right this huge black cock for you to worship!
Everyone knows that you love it, except you.
Come here and suck on it for me, show me how badly you wish to obey my every word.
Imagine sucking on a real cock and letting a huge big black man cum in your pathetic mouth.
Haha what a loser!
I bet you’d love to watch a real huge black man fuck me wouldn’t you my little sissy slut.
Keep jerking it DO NOT stop. You don’t get to stop or look away, keep it up! Work that cock for me,
I want you to cum for this huge cock!
Good loser I want you to cum all over for me, this cock and these huge tits!

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