Luscious Lindsey – Just The Beginning

Luscious Lindsey - Just The Beginning

Luscious Lindsey says:
“You didn’t stumble across this clip for no reason. You’re sitting there, reading this description and looking at My hot preview because this is where you belong. You are not an alpha male. You are a nothing. You are here to serve My wants in needs in every way but most importantly with your wallet. I want your hard earned loser ca$h. I want every damn penny that is rightfully Mine. Losers like you do not deserve the luxury of ca$h. I do. You deserve to slave week after week to make Me happy. Whatever is takes. My happiness is the most important thing in your life. Hearing the two words “good boy” come out of My pretty little mouth are all that matters to you. That’s what makes you happy. Pleasing Me is what you strive for, what completes you. You’re not just going to cum after this clip and forget about this. This is going to stick with you because you know it’s true. You’re purpose is to serve Me.”

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