Lynda Leigh – Arrested Mikaela

Lynda Leigh - Arrested Mikaela

This is Mikaela Witts naughtiest and hottest video to date. Officer Lynda has her hands full when horny Mikaela is in the cells. Caught streaking and in her sexy underwear, Mikaela is in a naughty mood. Watch Lynda rub Mikaelas pussy with her truncheon and slide it up and down her body. No mater how horny or sexy Mikaela is, Lynda is not happy that she is misbehaving. After a while Lynda decides that naughty Mikaela has to be taught a lesson. I think Lynda finally has the upper hand and has a big surprise for Mikaela. Its a new male prisoner in thigh high boots thats going to keep Mikaela company in the cells. It leaves Mikaela screaming but are those screams of pleasure or pain, sit down and find out.

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