Lynda Leigh – Naughty Nun Confessions

Lynda Leigh - Naughty Nun Confessions

Ive a confession to make, forgive me father for im a horny bitch hungry for cock. Are you sitting comfortably..? Let me tell you a little story about the last time i put on a Nuns costume. While i tell you this story Im gonna tease you, strip and wank with my dildo. After a party and on my home, me and a sexy friend of mine snuck in to a church. I approached the alter and started to have a little wank. What really got me hot and wet was i did it in front of some guys. It wasn’t long before one of the them come over. Before you know it, im sucking a cock while being pounded from behind. I was loving it, it felt amazing. Im such a horny bitch and hungry for cock. Enjoy the confession, ive lots more..!

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