Madam Violet – Brainwashed by Breasts

Madam Violet - Brainwashed by Breasts

Listen, watch and stroke for Me as I provide you with Divine inspiration. My breasts are beautiful, natural, and oh so sensitive…. I gently stroke as I command you to do the same, I TEASE My nipples as I MELT your BRAIN, pulling and twisting, keeping you utterly captivated as I take yet another orgasm from you…. Stroke, watch and listen as you worship the naked Divine breasts of your One True Goddess… prepare for total brain MELTDOWN as you feel the full force of My towering hypnotic skills and My extraordinary beauty…..tormenting you with the idea of worshiping My tits with your mouth…..reminding you how it can never happen… all the while stroking, kneading and caressing My breasts….until you give yourself to Me completely… Enjoy, you lucky, lucky slave.

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