Madam Violet – Can’t Think Can’t Cum

Madam Violet - Can't Think Can't Cum

There are two things men really shouldn’t be allowed to do unsupervised – think and cum. Luckily when you’re thoughtless, mindless, lost, deep in the safety of My control you can finally relax and be yourself. Its so nice NOT to have to think, its such a relief to LET GO. I’m also sure you have recognized too that once you cum you tend to SLIP out of whatever trance or subspace you were occupying. It is simple psychology; to CONTROL someone you control access to the thing they want. We both know that what you want is to orgasm, oh you may THINK you like to edge, that you love to keep yourself all HARD and horny, but this is only because you LOVE TO CUM. If orgasm wasn’t the constant goal of your mushy brain then why would abstaining be so much FUN?So sit back and relax whilst I slowly FUCK that sweet, juicy pussy-mind of yours and put you in that place where you cant think and cant cum. Using traditional progressive muscles relaxation, looking anything but traditional, I relax and sedate your body and naturally your mind follows. Taking you down in to trance under My control is not a challenge, but a sweet seduction, and you respond like an obedient to My triggers.When you are under and already woolly headed you begin to stroke your dick and I become more direct in the task of making you horny and mindless. Using layered visuals, My beautiful CAPTIVATING face in the foreground, My deliciously AROUSING body in the background. Splitting your attention, CONFUSING your mind, and the layered voice tracks, the soft whispers, the repetitive SUBLIMINAL triggers, they all culminate in ONE thing; rendering you incapable of thought, and incapable of orgasm. Cant think, cant cum all you can do is stroke like an addict, feeling like you could tip over the edge any minute, but being held where you are, in the intangible. Sweet, torturous pleasure. When I think you’ve had enough I’m not cruel enough to leave you THOUGHTLESS, but I ensure when you go back to your life one thought sticks out above the rest. The only thought you NEED to have, and f course I leave you physically ACHING, sexually yearning, still very much SUBMISSIVE in your cognitive processes that the One True Thought can really take hold 🙂

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