Madam Violet – Don’t Stop

Madam Violet - Don't Stop

When you see Me wearing boots its a clear indication of My mood, and your fate. I feel mean, cruel, vindictive, I feel like a Queen Bitch and I want make you CRY. In this hypnotic training session I want you to trust Me. Despite being conditioned to slip under at just the sound of My voice, I take My time pulling you DOWN. Accessing and widening your unconscious mind in a myriad of ways. Using your powerful imagination and a technique similar to My suggestibility test I PERSUADE you that your hands are magnetized and that they are UNCONTROLLABLY moving towards one another, of course they do, and as they do My power over you and your trust in Me increases. When your hands come together, STUCK hard and fast ,your trance will deepen yet again, and as I allow your hands to come unstuck your drop even DEEPER than before. This experience of losing control of your body, your hands, your own free will, it will serve you well as we go deeper into My Realm. As you PUMP your COCK and I flaunt My body in your face I’m continually feeding your mind with My Perfect Conditioning, always making you into a better slave. I increases the pleasure in your cock and body by using triggers and the snap of My finger, making sure that as your PLEASURE builds you would do ANYTHING to ensure its completion. Driving you CLOSER to the edge with My insanely HOT body, My PERFECT ass, JUICY tits, LONG legs there is no going back and you are compelled to OBEY. Your hands belong to Me, they pump your cock for ME, they WILL do as I say, make no mistake. As you cum, you will OBEY your Hypnotic Instruction, follow My commands, deep in trance there is no other option. I’m not telling you exactly what is, that is for you to find out. But don’t be scared slave! Lucky for you these boots are not thigh-high, they’re only ankle boots which means I’m only half-Bitch 🙂 Trust in Me, and cum play with Me. Contains: trance induction, visualization, double binds, deepeners, programming, embedded commands and triggers, post hypnotic suggestions, fingers snaps, triggers, layered track, binaural beats, masturbation instruction, edging, cum countdown. PERFECT tits, ass, legs, face, GODDESS.

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