Madam Violet – Feels So Good you Want to be Bad

Madam Violet - Feels So Good you Want to be Bad

Every now and then I feel like rewarding all My pets, subs, slaves, and addicts. Its simple really; massage oil and My big beautiful tits. Close up right in your face. What better reward?! Of course you dont deserve to see My oiled up slippy, WET, naked tits, AND stroke!! So, its time to sit on your hands. Thats it, but take your cock out I want you to watch the effect I have on it, I want to see it dance for Me. Listen, look, and prepare yourself for the fight of your life. Feel as all your strength slips away, all your thoughts become meaningless clutter and your dick gets harder and harder. Teasing you with My body, manipulating and coercing you with My words, you do NOT stand a chance!!Drip, drip, dripping the oil on My juicy tits, dripping just like your cock will be, insanely mesmerizing, you notice your mouth is WIDE open, just like your mind. I torture your imagination with what could be. My wet SLIPPERY tits, sliding across your naked body, My oiled up hands all over your cock, your balls. I think you REALLY want to stroke that aching cock!? Don’t you dare. If you stroke you will pay your Bad Boy Fine – how much? You decide, this isn’t financial domination this is about Reward and Punishment, Pain and Pleasure, Resistance and just LETTING GO. I know you want to be My good boy, you want to obey Me. I want you to be a GOOD boy for Me, I want you feel the pleasure as it slides into pain. I want you to RESIST, but you WANT to stroke. Yes you do, you want to PUMP that dick as you feel it sliding between My perfect, WET TITS. I don’t want you to STROKE, I don’t want you to have to PAY your Bad Boy Fine, but you WILL, if you stroke. As the screen fills with the oil oozing over My erect nipple something inside of you will shatter, and you will break. One way or anther you will ALWAYS pay, one way or another you will ALWAYS give to ME, and I will take. Its up to you, whether its your cash, or your cold hard PAIN and throbbing blue balls. Contains: Mindfuck, brainwashing, manipulation, coercion, NLP, light trance, tease and denial, findom, tit worship, slave training, femdom pov

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