Madam Violet – Follow the Leader

Madam Violet - Follow the Leader

The second exam: this tests your natural ability to OBEY instructions. Only obedient slaves are allowed to learn Madam Violet’s Way of the (enslaved) cock. I will place you in a receptive trance state using count down and finger snaps, and eye closure technique. Then I will introduce you to My strapon…you will watch, listen OBEY and copy EXACTLY what I do…watch as I stroke My cock, as I tease and torment YOUR cock through Mine…watch as I play with My pierced nipples, stroking My cock really does get Me wet…all the while you are copying My every action….desperately trying not to cum….every stroke taking you deeper and deeper into trance and deeper under My control…weaving My spell over you as you stroke for Me… This is NOT an exercise in pleasure, this is all about OBEDIENCE. However I can assure you it will feel very very good…. Good luck slave! Contains: Binaural tones, finger snaps, countdown, trance double binds, post trance triggers and suggestions, cum countdown,

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