Madam Violet – My Brainwashed Stroke Junkie

Madam Violet - My Brainwashed Stroke Junkie

We both know just how much you love to stroke your cock – I love it too, when you stroke for ME. That is what you’re going to do…you will stroke as you watch Me tease you with My perfect body…watching and stroking, doing what you do best….Whilst My body is arousing you, My words will be re-forming you….listen watch and stroke as I tell how, right now, every single stroke is literally changing the shape of your brain…creating new neural connections and pathways…with every word, and every stroke I am turning you into My ADDICTED stroke junkie…as I tell you what is happening…I relentlessly fuck with your mind in the background….implanting so many triggers and commands and suggestions…My voice echoing all around, confusing your brain, hardening your cock….turning you into My very own pavlov’s …incapable of conscious thought choice, instead controlled entirely by your impulses, controlled entirely by the powerful triggers I am making in your mind…a true physiological transformation….and you thought having a wank was harmless…Ha! Stroking DEEPENS the addiction. Jerking for Me is your way, your truth, your life. Good boy : )Contains: ass worship, leg worship, tease and denial, joi, cum countdown, layered voice tracks, echoes, subliminal messages, programming and triggers, finger snaps.

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