Madam Violet – Nipple Eye Fixation

Madam Violet - Nipple Eye Fixation

This clip has been created to play on a loop….take as long as you need to go as deep as you want. Make sure you listen to this using headphones, there are three layered voice tracks, I have you completely surrounded….My erect nipple will make you weak…the binaural tones open up your subconscious creating theta brainwaves …before you know it you will be all submissive and suggestible…the sensation of pleasure and the sound of My voice becoming inextricably linked in your mind….literally re-wiring your brain….you are My Pavolv’s ….. Eye fixation is a common induction technique, luckily for you I love My beautiful breasts to get the attention and worship they deserve, My gold nipple piercing makes them so deliciously sensitive….simply allow your eyes to rest on My nipple in a gentle, easy way….and listen to My voice as you’re guided deeper into pleasure…deeper into obedience…deeper under My control…I want you to worship My perfect, jewelled nipple as you cum for Me slave…..

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Madam Violet – Nipple Eye Fixation.m4v

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