Madam Violet – Overflow

Madam Violet - Overflow

Don’t plan on doing anything after this intense 30 minute session slave, you will be utterly spent and deliciously exhausted.We both know know how much I love to fan the flames of your LUST, desire and wanton NEED for Me, how I love to carve out those deep GAPING holes inside of you, and leave them there, pulsing, aching to be filled? Well tonight is your lucky night, I’m going to fill you up so completely with ME that your body cannot contain itself, cannot contain the PLEASURE, your body simply erupts, you cum uncontrollably, barely touching your twitching cock as pump after PUMP of HOT sticky PLEASURE overflows from your body and mind. Doesn’t that sound Divine? I will be taking you very deep into Waking Trance for this one, I will be teasing you and arousing you agonizingly slowly. Using eye fixation, confusion technique, breathing, all manner of evil tricks to pull you DOWN into My Realm, where you are helpless in My WEB. Bound by invisible rope, immobile, when you are in THAT place of psychological submission and physical apathy I will begin the process of DEEPENING those holes of need and desire inside of you. Making them ache even more intensely for Me to FILL them up give you that release that RELIEF.Finally I allow you to stroke your cock and so begins another even deeper level of torturous teasing and psychological conditioning. I command that the closer you get to orgasm the slower and softer you stroke your cock. By the time you CUM for Me, it will be UNSTOPPABLE. Filled to capacity with MADAM VIOLET the PLEASURE will PUMP out of your cock all by itself, as ALL the tension leaves your body, all thoughts leave your mind and you experience sweet, SWEET release. The pain is ALWAYS worth the pleasure slave.Of course I leave your mind with conditions. This perfect sense of competition and relief you feel will not last. In a matter of hours those PERMANENT holes inside of your psyche, your body your mind will be begin to widen again, yearning to be filled once more with your One True Goddess.Contains: deep trance, several deepeners, slow building tease, fingers snaps with pleasure triggers, psychological conditioning, masturbation instruction, orgasm trigger, post hip no tic conditioning.

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