Madam Violet – Sex and Love and Magik

Madam Violet - Sex and Love and Magik

The reason I am so powerfully irresistible is the fact that I am a triple threat, I have the beauty, the brains, and the body. One on their own is enough to mesmerize; all three are enough to CHAIN you to Me forever. Which of course is My ultimate goal. Already STUPEFIED by My insanely HOT body in My red satin peek-a-boo bra, fishnet tights, caged panties and thigh boots, My hypnotic patter and well used triggers will have you dropping like a stone. I know you want to STROKE, you NEED to stroke but just wait a while, I want your cock twitching and dripping before you stroke. As your desire for Me builds the control you have lessens, you are eating out of My hand.There is only one place this is going, you are playing with fire, nurturing an addiction for Me. An addiction more powerful than any drug. I am creating in you a chemical DEPENDENCE on Me, an emotional NEED for Me, a sexual DESIRE for Me, a physical CRAVING for Me, what is this if not love?! After an age of intense teasing I finally allow you to release yourself, but only if you agree to the terms of your orgasm, you will strip, kneel before Me and repeat the words I say to you. As your body floods with chemicals of pleasure, as you squeeze out all that hot cum and your cock explodes in ecstasy My words will slide inside your open mind like they have ALWAYS been there. I love you Goddess Violet!. Yes pet, yes you do.

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