Madam Violet – Stroke

Madam Violet - Stroke

Is there anything better than a lazy Sunday (or ‘Anyday’!) stroking session, deeply ENTRANCED by the magical words and AROUSING body of a STUNNING Goddess? Nope. Raw SEXUAL power, coated in a soft sensual blanket of seduction, effective hypnotic trance. I am a true GIFT! I pull you under My spell from the first moment as your breath is taken from you by My beauty. Deeper and deeper DOWN I lead you, so easy and effortless as you stroke your hard aching cock for Me, absent minded stroking, all of your attention is on Me. Every time I smile you can feel yourself WEAKEN and HARDEN simultaneously. A ten second countdown with finger snaps and trigger words finishes you off entirely. As I stroke My body, you stroke your cock. So soft and gentle, allowing yourself to be LOST in My words, lost in My beauty and power, losing yourself until you are nothing, just so you can FIND yourself again, inside Me. Right now slave you are PERFECT, hard and horny, suspended in submission, your soul aches for Me as your cock drips for Me, and still we STROKE together. Perfect juicy TITS, perfect long LEGS, PERFECT words. and its just you and I. My dominance and your sweet submission, in this state you will repeat your mantras, affirmations, PRAYER. Watch Me lose Myself in the pleasures of My body as you slowly LOSE your MIND. Stroke and REPEAT your affirmations. Highly aroused, highly susceptible. Surrender, SUBMIT and STROKE Contains: hypnosis, NLP, countdown deepener, finger snaps, trigger words, affirmations, seductive mind control, slave programming, brainwashing, tease and denial, joi, some layered hip no tic effects, layered voice track.

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