Madam Violet – Subversive Strip

Madam Violet - Subversive Strip

There are a LOT of clips containing women, hypnosis and stripping. Women portrayed as vulnerable and weak, hypnotised by a man and ‘forced’ to strip…Gross. THIS is the way stripping was meant to be used. As a weapon of mass destruction. When I have you in a trance I provide your brain with the triggers and commands it so desperately CRAVES; Every time I drop an item of clothing on the floor your trance will deepen and your cock will harden. Consider every discarded piece of clothing as a another chunk of your SELF CONTROL, mourn the LOSS as another part of your your brain is irreparably FRIED, and ACCEPT your fate as another nail in your coffin is driven home. As I become more naked, you become more EXPOSED. You are weak in the face of My beauty, My strength, My sexual power…. Keep STROKING, why would you ever stop when it feels so fucking good…you are UTTERLY mesmerised, RIPE for a mind raping…I love to remind you how this addiction you have to Me makes you so vulnerable…and more importantly this is exactly how I want you….vulnerable… This is a slow seductive strip, firstly because I LOVE to keep you waiting, secondly because it combines hypnosis and NLP. I want My commands to stick, to genuinely change the wiring in your brain… To do that takes finesse, skill and precision, brainwashing is a slow seduction, a process. Stroke your cock and cum when/if I command, but don’t for one SECOND think this is about you knocking one out. It’s about ME. I am NOT playing games, I am performing brain surgery… Don’t be scared…you KNOW it’s going to feel SO GOOD. Contains Indirect induction, rapid induction, finger snaps, tease and denial, stripping, cum countdown, brainwashing, hypnotic triggers/commands/suggestions/binds. NLP. And of course naked breasts, ass, legs, heels, stockings….the list of awesomeness is endless….

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