Madam Violet – The Pleasure is All Mine

Madam Violet - The Pleasure is All Mine

Sometimes slave, you need reminding powerfully and intensely that our relationship is all about ME. Everything I say and do to you is for MY benefit, My short term gratification or longterm goals. If I allow you to stroke or cum it is for a reason, and your gratification is NOT it. My pleasure is going to be in DENYING you. Teasing you so mercilessly, My nude silky pantyhose, red thong, red bra, legs spread wide. As I stroke My PUSSY, I stroke your pussy-mind, WIDER for Me. Repeatedly triggered deeper by countdowns and snaps, triggered harder and hornier, your hands on your thighs FORBIDDEN to stroke as your cock DRIPS and your mind GAPES. I want you on your knees, now. I want you insane with desperation. When I squeeze My tits you can stroke, when I LET GO so do you. Mere seconds of pleasure that blends into torture. I am so seductive and alluring it hurts, but you want MORE. SNAPped deeper, HARDER, over and OVER, when you think you cannot take anymore, there IS more. How do you feel slave? I don’t care! I can tell you I feel though! So very WET knowing how DENIED you are. Stroking My pussy, squeezing My tits, FUCKING your mind, making your pleasure DEPENDANT on Mine, making you FEEL agony the ecstasy the gratitude. Leaving you a DRIPPING dribbling mess on the floor. The pleasure is ALL Mine slave : ) Contains: , countdowns, finger snaps, tease and denial, pussy worship, mindfuck, conditioning, slave training, orgasm denial, tit, ass & leg worship.


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