Madam Violet – [un]conscious conditioning

Madam Violet - [un]conscious conditioning

Dear slave, your mind is where your powers residesbut since I have taken up residence, since I have taken control of the very ESSENCE of your power all of your impulses, desires, compulsions and pleasures are triggered by Me via the continued CONDITIONING your is receiving. A deep bond exists between your and I, we are very, very trusts soon as I tap into your obediently opens itself WIDE for wide, that I can take you so very deep.. So come slave.relax and listen, drift into a deep mindless tranceyour absorbing everything as your conscious mind drifts I snap My fingers you drop, as you stroke your cock you slidedown..and down into that special placeunder My thrall, pinned to the spot by My eyes.its almost as though My gaze is a physical thingas it touches you deep insidepushing you down..slowly, achingly drawing you inforever My pet.under My gaze is where you belong.Listen using earphones as this track contains binaural beats.Contains: binaural beats, echoes, layered voice tracks, mesmerising visuals, mind control, brainwashing, conditioning, re-programming, countdown, finger snaps, triggers, cum countdown.

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