Madam Violet – Waking Trance Seduction

Madam Violet - Waking Trance Seduction

To serve Me correctly by bettering oneself in the art of hip no sis is a requirement. Your training should be ongoing and practicing the art of waking trance is a crucial part of it. A waking trance often feels very different to closing your eyes and listening to an mp3. You are obviously more focussed and more aware, able to move around and perform actions. This does not mean the trance is not as POWERFUL, it is simply different. When your eyes are open you have to be able to go with the flow, to learn to observe yourself from a place of objective passivity. As long as you allow something to CAPTURE your attention, to GRIP your fascination you WILL enter a waking trance. Even the most analytical can LOSE themselves in a movie, or in a really good book, and ANYONE would FALL INTO TRANCE staring at Me talk. I make it SO EASY with My shiny red LIPS, My long RED, nails, the mesh bra, entirely see-though except for sequin hearts over My NIPPLES. THOSE EYES, as you feel them grip onto your soul, that SMILE that arouses and TERRIFIES you in equal measure.I will guide you into an waking trance, I will show you how easy it is for Me to hold you steady in My gaze, as I slowly DISMANTLE your mind with My words. I take full ADVANTAGE of your suggestible state; you are a constant work in progress for Me. You watch, and listen, feeling fully present, but ALTERED , disjointed, so very FASCINATED hearing the words, wondering what Im saying, coming up to the surface, only to SLIDE back DOWN again even DEEPER than before. To come to and realise so much time has passed in what feels like minutes. Whilst under I give you a post hip not ic trigger so that next time I want you in a waking trance, aroused and obedient, I simply need to say two words : )This session should be a staple in all of My slaves collections. You can and should train with this video many times, and every time you do you will strengthen the trigger, making you even better than before. Good boy.

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