Mandy Flores – On Your Anniversary – Homewrecker Virtual Sex

Mandy Flores - On Your Anniversary - Homewrecker Virtual Sex

Dominatrix Mandy Flores is dressed in a leather bra, leather mini skirt, leather boots and and fishnets with no panties. She will make you fuck her while your wife is in the kitchen and homewreck your marriage. She jacks off your dick (dildo) in this POV Homewrecker Virtual Sex fantasy.

“It is your anniversary and your wife invited me over for dinner and to spend the weekend. She is in the kitchen preparing the dinner and I decide to make my move. I have always wanted to fuck you. I call out to her in the kitchen to see if she needs help but she doesn’t. I tell you about a dream I had last night of you and I fucking inside your house with your wife home. I notice that hearing that gets you aroused and I ask you if you think Im hot. Hotter than your wife. I tell you that I plan to rub your cock under the table as we eat dinner with your wife sitting there. While your wife continues to prepare
dinner, I get you to pull out your dick and I stroke it. We have plenty time, want you to cum in my hand, leave no cum for your wife. After dinner I plan to put several sleeping pills in her wine, so she will pass out. Then, I will come to your bed and fuck you with your wife lying next to us and make you scream out my name as you cum in my pussy. After you cum in my hand I dont stop and I plan to make you cum a second time. You stay hard as I talk about your wife walking in and catching us, the anticipation is exhilarating . I suck your hard dick and then call out to your wife to see how much longer… We have 5 minutes come fuck this pussy and give me all your cum on your anniversary.”

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