Masturbation is Ruining Your Life

Madam Violet - Masturbation is Ruining Your Life

Milton Erickson was a God of hip know therapy. He did most of his incredible hypnotic work using metaphors – simple stories which created huge cognitive shifts.This clip is Ericksonian inspired. It sounds as if I’m simply telling you a story, but what I say is littered with hypnotic triggers, suggestions, imbedded commands. This is STEALTH BRAINWASHING.The story I tell you not only happens to involve ME, it’s arousing, mindfucking, manipulative and TRUE.Plus, most importantly it’s a story you can relate to. When did sex become boring for you? When did stroking become your preference over sex? Real sex with a real woman? You have a problem. Masturbation has destroyed your sex life, it’ll probably ruin your whole life. I can help you! Admittedly you’ve fucked yourself up so you’ll never fix the NEED to STROKE. BUT I can channel it, USE it, use YOU. Train you so that even though your loser dick only cums for your hand, rendering you USELESS as a man, you are PERFECT slave material. Don’t feel bad, 99% of men are zombified dick-stroking porn-consuming losers, you all deserve to be punished for your weakness. Captured, restrained, punished, retrained. ADMIT it. Masturbation is ruining your life. You need professional help. You need MY help.

Includes: mindfuck, metaphor, indirect hip no sis, imbedded commands/triggers/suggestions. Ass worship, tights, hold ups, humiliation, brainwashing, masturbation instruction, cum countdown.

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