Memorize My Flawless Perfection – Princess Mika

Memorize My Flawless Perfection - Princess Mika

Hey loser you are in for a treat. Do you know why? Because I’m going to let you sit there and worship me from head to toe. And I am fucking perfect loser. You are doing to fucking go brainless over my body. But if I’m going to let you worship my young, flawless perfection, you are not allowed to touch yourself. I mean why would I let you do that. I wouldn’t. It’s the price you have to pay to see my perfect body, and I know how badly you want to. You are only allowed to look loser. In fact I want you to memorize every inch of my body so it is forever ingrained in your brain. I know this is going to be the highlight of your day. In fact, I know I’m about to become your newest addiction. One look at my body and you’ll be hooked.

And you understand that this is just the way things are. You don’t get to touch when you look at me. You know you don’t deserve it. I don’t even know if you can handle what I’m about to show you loser. Your cock will be fucking twitching in the air uncontrollably. Start worshiping loser, worship everything that you see as I begin to tease you in this lacey lingerie that adorns my body. And although you’ll never get to touch it, you can tribute it and buy me things that will adorn my body. That’s the only use for you anyway, right?

Look at my body loser. I know your mouth is gaping open as you drool over every inch of my perfect princess body. I’m mindfucking you with my body loser and you’re completely fucking helpless. But remember, no touching loser. Just continue to worship and savor every moment of this clip.

And now that I’ve got you just where I want you, I’m going to take off my negligee and you’re going to go completely fucking mindless. Wait til you see just how fucking perfect I am. i know what I’m doing to you loser. Don’t just sit there an ogle me loser, start memorizing, let my curves etch themselves in your brain. Start working for me. Good boy. Don’t just sit there and do nothing, memorize this shape, this perfection. I know that I’m driving you insane, loser. I know exactly what I’m doing. I know how fucking hot I am. And now you do to. You’re going to become an addict for me. I know you want to see more of me, I mean, who wouldn’t?

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