Mikaela Witt & Jessie Jensen – Poppers Extreme Addiction

Mikaela Witt & Jessie Jensen - Poppers Extreme Addiction

We love to toy with you and manipulate you to do anything we want. I bet you wish you were here with us. Grab those out and take a nice long sniff for us. Feel that head start to spin out of control. Such a good loser for us. Now stare at these perfect tits of ours and take another hit. We want you fucked up for us! Jerk that cock for us and take another hit. No cumming until we say so! See if you can make it through this, bitch. Look at these perfect asses of ours, I bet youd love to fuck our tight little asses but you cant because youre a worthless little loser. Wed never fuck you, we only want real men! Humm Jessie, should we let him cum or let him sit there with his blue balls. Well if you really want to cum you need to make it worth our while. Go send us a nice big tribute and take 2 more hits for us and get that cock ready to blue balled bitch because no one cares about you and your blue balls. We are going to go shopping now while you sit there with your blue balls and tears! Mikaela & Jessie

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