Mikaela Witt – My New Little Sissy

Mikaela Witt - My New Little Sissy

Well honey I saw some interesting things on your computer. Oh yes I saw all that sissy porn, I’m so glad you are home! So today I did some research. You are going to be my new sissy cuck boyfriend now. Here put on this bra and panties! Now for more fun, I want to play with my strap on. Now turn around and let me see that ass, I want a nice long look. I’m going to fuck that sissy ass of yours! Now turn around, get on your knees and suck on this cock, thats it. Be a good bitch for me. You are going to be my bitch boy from now on and every day I am going to fuck that ass and make you suck it clean. I might just wear this all the time so I can fuck you any time I fucking want. I bet you will love every single second of it because you are a sissy bitch at heart! Now I know you want to wank that cock so badly but you don’t get to wank like a REAL man! Now start rubbing on that cock like its a clit and make yourself cum through those panties you sick fuck! – Mikaela

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