Mina Thorne – Stop and Go Denial

Mina Thorne - Stop and Go Denial

This is a femdom-style JOI video. There is no sex or nudity. She commands you to stroke your dick, bringing you to the edge of orgasm but ultimately denying your release.

Horny little slut, you can’t go too long without stroking otherwise your dick starts developing a mind of it’s own. This will serve as a reminder that I control your cock, not you. Staring at my perfection, stroking away, stopping and stroking, stopping and stroking. Tell me how badly you need this, tell me how badly you want this. Are you hoping I will allow you to cum at the end?

This little game uses the stop and go jerking method. When I say go, you jerk as hard and as fast as you can to rush to that dangerous edge. Keep stroking and maintain control, and wait till I say stop. Repeat and repeat. Keeping you so close to orgasm.

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