Miss Cherry Vee – For Small Dick Losers

Miss Cherry Vee - For Small Dick Losers

Hey small dick loser. Even though your dick is smaller than my pinky finger, you feel this need to always jerk for me, don’t you? I know you do. In fact, you’re already jerking your pathetic little dick for me, aren’t you? You see even though your dick is so tiny, it still gets hard, it still throbs. It’s throbbing for me right now. Just look at me. You can’t resist can you? You want to jerk that small, pathetic dick for me right now. Take your tiny cock out for me loser. Let me see it. LOL! Oh my god I had no idea it was that tiny! LOL!

I didn’t know dicks could be that small. It must suck having to go through life with that tiny, pathetic dick. Go on, jerk it for me, you have my permission, but don’t take your eyes off of my body. Not like you can anyway. It’s fucking perfect. Stare at it loser. I have the body of a Goddess. Look at you jerking that little pathetic dick off for me. It’s so tiny, oh my god, you look so fucking pathetic. You can’t even wrap your hand around it. You need to jerk yourself off with two fucking fingers because that’s how tiny your cock is. Wow you’re so pathetic.

It’s not even really a cock is it? Do you even get pleasure out of that little thing? It’s so small! You look like such a fool jerking that little thing off. I want you to feel so stupid and foolish for me. You’re such a fucking idiot. Not only do you have tiny penis, but that makes you have a tiny brain, and a tiny load. You are a fucking small dick fucking loser. That’s why you’re such a jerkaholic. Because no one will ever fuck that tiny penis.

You must have such a great relationship with your hand, no, with your two fucking fingers! LOL! Look at you, you can’t stop jerking it for me. You’re such a loser, you love hearing me tell you how pathetic you look jerking off your tiny wiener, telling you how nobody ever is going to fuck you. You love this. It makes your little dick so hard. And you love jerking it for me. You love how I make you feel. I make you feel like the loser that you are!

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