Miss H – Molded Into What You Are By The Hot Popular Girls

Miss H - Molded Into What You Are By The Hot Popular Girls

HumiliationPOV welcomes Miss H! Ill bet you were one of those boys who got bullied by all the popular girls at school, werent you? Ill bet they pushed you around, copied your homework, made fun of you and laughed at you. Publicly humiliating you every day. They wrote humiliating things about you on the bathroom walls. They pulled really mean pranks on you. Yea that was your daily life. But you asked for it though because you were always near the popular girls. Even then you were a pathetic loser perv who couldnt stop staring. And thats when you found out you were really into humiliation. That time trained you for your current state of being. It molded you. And you know that after high school we just got smarter and hotter, and far crueler. I know how to get inside your head and get whatever I want whenever I want it. Because I was one of those popular girls and you still worship the ground I walk on. The humiliation you received then is nothing compared to the humiliation you experience from me now. Im going to treat you like dirt and leave you crying on the bathroom floor. And you still cant stop perving on me and the other hot girls in our little dresses and tight mini skirts. I mean we dress like this on purpose just to fuck with you and get what we want. Its so easy. You should be thanking us for show you what you really like. I mean how would you know youre into humiliation if we didnt spend all of those years humiliating you? And you know you didnt even cry about it, you went home and jerked off thinking about it. And then you came back for more because you craved that attention. And now you need that humiliation, its the only thing that gets you off. Hot girls are always going to take advantage of you. We were born naturally superior to losers like you. We taught you the natural order of things. And this is your life and it will never change. And you know you love it.

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