Miss Kelle Martina – Sissy Bitch Anal Play

Miss Kelle Martina - Sissy Bitch Anal Play

Sissy bitches, it’s time to get pretty for me. You’ll need some extra feminine items to play along with this video. Get some slutty red lipstick, a girly matching lacy bra and panties, and a slim vibrator. I give you a few secret feminization tips before we get right into it. Let’s play!I tell you exactly what to do for me. You are going to feel just a like a sexy woman when you play with me. We are going to work out your little pussy and clit when I tell you how to touch yourself for me. I bet you can’t wait to have your first orgasm just like a girl. You love fucking your tight little sissy hole for me. You will moan and groan like a porn star, my little sissy bitch.Let me transform you as you experience a sensual and intense orgasm.

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