Miss London Lix – Again and Again

Miss London Lix - Again and Again

Hi wallets. My demand today is simple: you’re going to buy this clip over and over and over again. Not a bunch of my clips, not a tribute. I want you to buy this exact clip from this same site, as many times as you can until you start to feel a little sick at how much you’re spending. You see, I don’t just want big tributes, I don’t just want loyal clip fans. I want you to prove to yourself exactly how much I have you wrapped around my little finger. I mean, look at me. Take a look at this tiny little micro bikini, barely covering my cute pink nipples on these big fake tits…and realize how weak you are. Look at this body sculpted to perfection that is making your mind melt at this very second imagining all the things you wish you could do with me.

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